Just Projects International doesn’t only want to rescue children from human trafficking -- we want to stop them from being abused in the first place, but we know for real change to occur, cultural ecosystems need opportunity to reach their potential. So, our organization approaches these problems differently. We go beyond simply extracting of trafficked children from trafficking to also building relationships with military and cartel leaders in some of the most dangerous and remote areas of the world. Leading with kindness, we work to convince these abusers the value of a child is actually greater when they receive an education and contribute to the community rather than becoming a slave or soldier. These children instead become agents of community transformation. By cultivating leaders and working with partners who identify and develop sustainable solutions to regional problems, JPI is planting seeds of generational change in some of the darkest corners of the world, helping to build brighter futures for all children.


We believe every life has value, and by proving its value, we can affect change in some of the darkest corners of the world.

  • JPI is innovative in its approach to rescuing children.

  • JPI equips and empowers children instead of extracting them.

We believe raising up leaders all over the world is quite possibly the most important outcome of our work.

  • JPI identifies and cultivates leaders in local communities.

  • JPI coordinates with global, affiliate organizations and partners

  • JPI works with local leaders who evaluate and identify the challenges preventing just communities.

We believe there are solutions to child slavery, and through affiliate organizations that share the same values, we can affect change on a global scale.

  • JPI activates and executes projects to carry out the mission of justice for children and community transformation.

We believe befriending our enemies is more powerful than causing them harm.

  • JPI has a non-religious classification with faith-based roots.



Samran - Upper Mekong

Samran is an ethnic of Myanmar’s Golden Triangle and founder of Pornpraset Foundation for children. As a child far from home, he worked his own way through school. In his early 20’s he led a contingent of mercenaries in the drug and territory wars before discovering the path of peace. Now, decades later, he is a seasoned servant of many leaders and children. He deeply understands the local culture and issues and has asssisted many children who were conscripted forcefully into the military.


Ania - East Africa

Ania Noster, founder of the NGO, Happy Hearts, has worked for years in some of the most dangerous places in Africa. After witnessing first-hand the impact that conflict has on the lives of children, she dedicated her life to rescuing and providing a safe healing environment to children in conflict areas of East Africa. Her children’s homes work to creating a safe space in conflict zones where families from surrounding communities can gather to connect, create, heal, learn and most importantly, PLAY!


Marcus - International

Marcus Young serves as the Executive Director of Just Projects international. He is known for helping leaders pioneer and build strategies for work in the justice space. He offers deep insights, wisdom and innovates justice for children through transformative projects in difficult regions. Marcus’ family has four generations of service in SE Asia. He is a certified consultant with a masters in organizational leadership.


Consuelo - Southeast Asia

Consuelo Locop currently serves as Country Program Manager for Just Projects Philippines Foundation for the past five years and has recently expanded to serve as Regional Program Development Manager for JPI. Her past experience in top level management in both business and socio-civic engagement and her grassroots involvement in some of the remotest areas working with various indigenous leaders and partners at present has made her a resilient & compassionate leader.


Stephen - Latin America

Stephen Tolman is the founder of Grupo Cultural Mexico-Canada Foundation and Club Calor Futball. Since 1988, he and his wife, Marcela’s work has included recording local musicians, starting and developing a professional soccer team, establishing drug rehab centers, soccer schools for at-risk children, education, and rescue programs. Through their programs, several children’s homes have been opened in northern Mexico, hundreds of children have been rescued from lives of violence and crime, and countless lives have been impacted.