Just Projects International works from a facilitation model that serves local leaders on the ground who work in some of the hardest places on the planet. Our goal is not to own projects or leaders but to serve them and help them become sustainable and strategically impactful. We are innovators for justice, we serve children in the darkest places through our alliance of local leaders, NGO’s and justice advocates.


Core activities

  • We consult leaders and help them pilot or build sustainability of programs in high human trafficking, conflict and persecution (religious or racial) areas

  • We encourage our leaders to develop holistic capacity: spiritually, physically and emotionally

  • We facilitate external partnerships and when needed provide training and resources for them

  • We often utilize education or soccer programs to access children in difficult-to-reach places, targeting violence and poverty in the rising generation

  • Our leaders give children as many skills as possible to improve their career options to protect them from of violence and exploitation. Skills make children less expendable.

  • Our leaders serve children as next generation leaders as this is where long-term transformational shifts can occur

  • As an organization, we experiment, work to innovate, and tailor our projects to the specific need in the justice space at ground zero