Through our founder's 125 years of family history in SE Asia, this region continues to be a focal point for our work. There are more small but active conflict regions than most realize throughout this region. 

JPI pioneers works with leaders who are child centric, locally rooted, and carry cultural insights for their area. Our model is project partnership and facilitation instead of project ownership because we believe in local empowerment and focusing on sustainability. Even though we are glad not to “own” projects and serve independent leaders, we remain deeply engaged at ground zero in most of our projects.  

We focus on three demographics by serving children through leaders: conflict areas where children are susceptible to violence; human trafficking zones which are often in a port city or border areas; and persecution spaces where religious and ethnic marginalization is active. 

Through our focus on these demographics, we have also developed strategic partnerships with leaders in Latin America and East Africa.  

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In the Philippines, we work with indigenous people primarily in remote mountain villages, poor Muslim communities and urban cities marked by conflict and violence. Children have little or no access to education or means of protection. Since 2012, we have been building tribal learning centers in the remote jungles – bringing hope to hundreds of families and laying a foundation for future generations.


Upper Mekong Region

 In the Upper Mekong Region (Myanmar and Thailand), many non-state armed groups actively recruit and use child soldiers. War has become a normal part of culture and children often begin army training as early as three years old. We rescue and protect at-risk children with the permission of the local government. Our seven facilities provide care and basic education for over 400 children. 

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In Mexico, teenagers are used as drug mules, prostitutes and assassins for the local cartel. Young children harvest drug crops and act as “hawks” to pedal information and conceal drug deals. We facilitate soccer fields and local teams to help keep kids out of the cartel and provide family friendly gathering places. We also run a semi-pro soccer team. 



In East Africa, we are helping provide care for children in some of the world’s most dangerous war-torn areas. We are building playgrounds in places previously ravaged by war. We are providing homes for children affected by war where they are not only safe, but where they are restored and where they can experience a safe childhood again. We are also providing education and trauma recovery to bring long term restoration, and we provide emergency aid in areas where conflict is ongoing.